COR Report - Understanding Chain of Responsibility

Written by Michael Selinger
Partner, Holding Redlich Lawyers

The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) is a concept of relevance for ANY company or individual involved in the supply chain who has influence over how goods are delivered or received by heavy vehicle. Understanding it is imperative — not only so you can protect your business, your employees and the public, but also so you can rest assured you’re meeting all of your obligations under Heavy Vehicle National Law.

COR - report cover

In the handy 10–page report Understanding Chain of Responsibility, you’ll find plenty of practical advice to help ensure you comply with your all your CoR obligations — and improve the safety and productivity of your workforce while you’re at it. You’ll discover:

  • A detailed definition of the CoR and what it means for you;
  • A handy CoR flowchart detailing who is responsible for what through the chain;
  • 7 powers road transport regulators have if you breach your CoR requirements;
  • How you can defend a breach of CoR requirements in 10 simple steps; and
  • A template CoR Compliance Policy you can download, edit and use in your workplace

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