Random stop results in $10K of fines for three parties

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A random breath test of a truck driver has revealed a list of dangerous goods offences, NSW Police has reported. Three parties in the supply chain, including the driver, were fined a total of $10,500.

Police found that the heavy rigid truck carrying 20 250kg drums of toluene disocyanate was missing a dangerous goods placard at the front of the vehicle.

Upon inspection they also found a fire extinguisher attached to the vehicle that was empty, as well as two other fire extinguishers – required to be inspected every six months – that had not been tested since 2018.

The driver also didn’t have the appropriate personal protective equipment – an air supplied short term breathing apparatus – for the chemical he was carrying.

NSW Police said the 22-year-old driver showed no knowledge of the safety equipment he was required to have, nor knew that his fire extinguishers weren’t compliant.

In relation to the placard missing at the front, the driver said “It must of just fallen off, cause it was pretty flimsy”.

The driver was directed to move the truck to a safer location and told to remain there until appropriate safety equipment, fire extinguishers and placards were delivered.

NSW Police fined the driver $500 and the truck company $6,000.

The company that loaded the dangerous goods onto the truck was also fined $4,000. “The Traffic Task Force will continue to monitor the transport of ‘Dangerous Goods’ to ensure ongoing compliance,” NSW Police stated.