NHVR improves its online portal

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The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has announced improvements it has made to its online portal.

With the upgrade, customers can check their vehicle’s registration at the same time as applying for access permits.

The upgrade now connects the data between the portal’s existing NHVR Access module and Registration module.

“From Wednesday 12 June, the NHVR Portal will provide additional functionality, linking vehicle configuration details and registration status between the two modules,” NHVR Business Improvement and Innovation Program Director David Carlisle said.

“This will save time for customers and reduce the amount of data entry required by adding vehicle information from previously approved permits and display registration status.”

To take advantage of the new functionality, users with administration permissions will need to activate the Registration module for their customer account.

Once they are within the permit application process, two new buttons, ‘Refresh Registrations’ and ‘Import from Registrations’ now allow users to import any available vehicle data.

Mr Carlisle said the NHVR Portal currently processes more than 55,000 heavy vehicle access applications a year.

There are more improvements to come.

“Later this year the NHVR will begin rolling out additional services to the NHVR Portal, including the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme, Vehicle Standards and Performance Based Standards,” Mr Carlisle said.

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