Coronovirus doesn’t stop truck safety blitz

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Between 16 and 20 March, the NSW Police Traffic Taskforce in conjunction with Transport for NSW conducted Operation Impact Dubbo.

The inspection of 70 vehicles over the five-day period resulted in:

  • 50 traffic charges – ranging from severe and critical fatigue offences, suspended driver, cancelled driver, mid-range prescribed concentration of alcohol and severe dimension breaches;
  • 22 heavy diary administrative infringements;
  • 3 loading offences; and
  • 13 light vehicle infringements for speed and registration offences.

In one intercept inspectors identified dimension breaches as well as fatigue breaches and directed the driver to take 24 hours’ rest. The transport company was contacted to arrange for another driver.

One operator also had three different drivers charged or infringed.

“During the operation one operator was identified as having significant issues with driver fatigue offences, loading issues and general maintenance of their heavy vehicles,” NSW Police said in a statement.

“Three of their fleet were stopped on separate days and each time the driver was either charged or infringed, with one driver having critical fatigue breaches.

“Another operator was also identified as having poor loading practices during a stationary enforcement stop. Items of general freight in a B Double were not restrained at all, the load has shifted and items were damaged as a result. “Officers also had to deploy to alternate routes given what appeared to be a significant decrease in the frequency of heavy vehicles, some being intercepted and prosecuted for the above offences.”