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What’s your excuse for not understanding CoR changes?

September 28, 2017

The heavy vehicle transport industry and its supply chain partners are quickly running out of reasons (and time) to say why they “didn’t know” about their chain of responsibility (CoR) obligations and the forthcoming changes to the laws.

Apart from having access to newsletters like CoR Adviser, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has also run more than 75 information and education sessions across Australia, which will total more than 100 sessions once the series is over.

NVHR CEO Sal Petroccitto said: “Under the new laws coming in mid-2018, the entire heavy vehicle supply chain will be required to take steps to deliver a safer road transport industry with many companies looking to transition to, or improve existing safety management systems.

“I’m pleased to see many companies in the supply chain already taking practical steps to ensure they meet the new laws.”

Mr Petroccitto admitted there was more work to do, “but we are already making significant progress to improve heavy vehicle safety,” he said.

More changes ahead?

He said the NHVR would support further expansion to new laws that target 165,000 companies that make up the heavy vehicle supply chain.

The NHVR is working closely with State and Federal jurisdictions to achieve national consistency for safety standards and in future this may include licensing standards for heavy vehicle drivers.

He believed the new CoR laws would deliver some of the most significant reforms for heavy vehicle safety in Australia’s history. He added that the changes to the laws make it clear that executive officers and other duty holders have a responsibility to understand and assess their risks and to better apply risk management processes to their business to focus on safety outcomes.

Mr Petroccitto said the NHVR would continue to encourage heavy vehicle businesses to develop or transition to safety management systems.

“There were 213 deaths from 191 fatal crashes involving heavy trucks or buses across Australia in 2016 and I am determined to see that number continue to fall and make heavy vehicle safety everyone’s business,” he said.

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