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Use PPIs to gauge success of CoR safety measures

March 17, 2016

Australia’s workplace health and safety system (under the model Work, Health and Safety Act) recommends that business operators develop ‘positive performance indicators’ (PPIs) to measure actions that deliver good outcomes. When applied to Chain of Responsibility (CoR), PPIs can be a great method by which to measure and record actions that can be used in establishing a ‘reasonable steps defence’, should it become necessary for your business.

For example, if you are a consignee/consignor, you will be likely be receiving and despatching goods carried by road. Accordingly, you should have a policy in place for CoR compliance. This should include:

  • identification of risks;
  • assessment of risks;
  • control measures; and
  • a review process.

PPIs can be a way to gauge the success of the control measures you have implemented, and should help to establish if those measures have improved safety within the CoR. Hence, recording them is a good idea.

Protecting your business

PPIs can include a number of measures designed to protect drivers and other workers (and your business).

For instance, the creation of a document that lists the steps you have taken to ensure drivers are not scheduled in a way that encourages speeding or potentially causing them to drive while fatigued is a must.

Keep a record of the corrective actions that you have put in place in your business to improve CoR compliance, and update it with any new actions.

Also, maintain details of the number of employees trained in CoR compliance and risk control measures, and the frequency of that training. And ensure that their training is kept up to date and constantly recorded.

There may be other PPIs you can think of that are peculiar to your business that should be added to the list. Keep them together so that if you need to produce them in a hurry, you can.

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