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Transport company fined $154K for death of sleeping man

April 4, 2019


Victorian-based transport company, Glen Cameron Nominees, has been fined $154,000 over the death of a man at a Woolworths loading dock in Darwin.

The man was run over and killed by a prime mover while he was sleeping in the dock. The driver, a subcontractor for the company, had failed to see him.

Glen Cameron Nominees pleaded guilty to breaching the Northern Territory’s Work Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Act.

Acting Executive Director for NT WorkSafe, Chris Wicks, said that the subcontractor, who had been working for Glen Cameron for four years before the incident, had not been provided with induction training, or a site induction at the store’s shopping centre.

“If the driver was properly inducted, he would have been aware that Glen Cameron had two standard operating procedures that required drivers to physically check both the rear and front of the vehicle for pedestrians before moving the vehicle,” he said.

“If the driver followed these two procedures, he would have seen the deceased and the incident would have been avoided.

“It’s a waste of time developing safety policies or standard operating procedures if your employee’s are not aware of them.

“Induction training is an opportunity to educate new employees or sub-contractors on your company’s safety policies, including any standard operating procedures or emergency processes they need to follow.

“Every workplace is different and site inductions will provide your employees with procedures to safely enter and operate in the workplace, as well as highlight hazards particular to that workplace.

“I urge all companies to review their induction training and make sure all employees and subcontractors are provided proper induction training to safely do their work.”

Woolworths has also been charged for the incident, however the matter is still before the courts. If found guilty the supermarket chain could be fined up to $1.5 million.

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