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The NTC wants to hear from you

March 21, 2019


Encouraging people to take part in the review of the current Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), the National Transport Commission (NTC) has launched a new website,

The website states that it wants everyone affected by the HVNL to have their say, so the law can be simplified and streamlined as much as possible.

It says it wants a law that is “outcome-focused, technology-neutral, easy to comply with and ensures heavy vehicles operate safely on our roads”.

Ministers have asked the NTC to lead the review of the existing HVNL and supporting regulations, which the NTC says are not best practice.

The law in its present state is “outdated, complex, long, prescriptive and does not support road safety outcomes” it says.

“We are going back to basics to review the law from first principles.”

The NTC promises that the review will result in regulation that will:

  • improve safety for all road users;
  • support increased economic productivity and innovation;
  • simplify administration and enforcement of the law;
  • support the use of new technologies and methods of operation; and
  • provide flexible, outcome-focused compliance options.

Transport ministers have appointed the following panel of industry experts to guide the review:

  • Sharon Middleton – Director, Whiteline Transport and President, South Australian Road Transport Association
  • Andrew Ethell – Executive Director, Amalgam Strategic and Board Member, Infrastructure Australia
  • Gary Mahon – Chief Executive Officer, Queensland Trucking Association
  • Gary Liddle – Enterprise Professor of Transport, Melbourne University and Senior Strategic Adviser, Transport, Jacobs
  • Louise Bilato – Executive Officer, NT Road Transport Association

In an initial meeting held in January, the expert panel advised that the HVNL review “should not merely improve elements of the existing law but fully replace it”.

To help develop policy options, the NTC will be taking input and feedback from public stakeholders until February 2020.

“We want to hear from everyone affected by the law. Submit your ideas, see what others are saying and vote on ideas,” the website says.

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