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Tech makes driver checks easier

September 7, 2017

As many heavy vehicle transport operators and their supply chain parties know, technology is gradually creeping into the industry. The introduction of speed limiters and satnav systems are now viewed as old technology.

New technology includes Electronic Work Diaries, dash cams, driver fatigue detection devices, telematics to monitor aggressive driving techniques and even technology that provides low tyre pressure alerts.

Until now, the technology has mainly been aimed at businesses’ own fleets.

Now, a new app has been launched to help streamline the management of sub-contracted heavy vehicle drivers. The ‘Transcheck’ app (free to download) is said to make it easier to keep track of the large number of licences, registrations, accreditations and insurance information that prime contractors need from sub-contracted fleet and owner-drivers for safe and compliant engagement.

The app’s creator, safety specialist Denise Zumpe said: “I know from first-hand experience that transport companies spend hours requesting work-ready information from sub-contracted fleet operators and owner-drivers to verify their safety and compliance status.

She said it was a never-ending job having to check on sub-contractors as licence renewals, registrations, insurances, vehicle maintenance records, and other necessary documents all fell due at different times.

The app, she said, “will take care of all of that for road transport operators.”

Work-ready information

She said prime contractors could log-on to the app’s web portal to see how many fleet and owner-operators they were using, how many drivers and vehicles were approved, photos of the drivers, photos of the vehicles, and other work-ready information, including MSIC clearances, inductions and mass management.

“For drivers, it’s all done via a mobile phone app. Download the app, set up your account, fill in the required information and upload photos of your documents,” she said.

“Transcheck will verify everything is current and the driver will be given ‘approved’ status.” Transport companies and drivers then connect. “If the driver’s status changes, the app will record it and update the status from ‘approved’ to ‘pending’ or ‘rejected’.

Launched at a Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) event in Melbourne in August, CTAA Director Neil Chambers said the CTAA was pleased to be supporting the launch of the app and believed it would have a “positive impact not only on the container transport logistics chain, but all other sectors of the road transport industry.”

Keeping up with sub-contractors’ status is just one of the tasks that transport companies and their associated supply chains have to consider.

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