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SA implements new rules for truck drivers entering the state

May 14, 2020

The South Australian government has introduced a new requirement for all essential travellers, including truck drivers, crossing the state border.

Effective from 11 May 2020, anyone entering South Australia is required to keep records of close contacts from their date of arrival in the state for up to a 14-day period.

“An essential traveller must now keep records of close contacts for a 14 day period commencing on the date of their arrival in South Australia (or, if they remain in South Australia for a period of less than 14 days, for that period),” the South Australian Police force (SAPOL) said.

“A person is a close contact of another person if they are in the company of the other person —

(i) within an enclosed space for a period of 2 hours or longer; or

(ii) within 1.5 metres of the other person for a period of 15 minutes or longer; and

The records that are required to be kept in relation to a close contact are —

(i) the name and phone number or other contact details of the close contact and the location at which the close contact occurred; or

(ii) if the details are not known and it is not reasonably practicable to obtain those details—the time during which and location at which the close contact occurred.

“The records must be retained for a period of 28 days from the end of the period for which the records must be kept and be provided to an authorised officer on request.”

The South Australian Road Transport Association (SARTA) said that SAPOL had issued this direction without any consultation with or advice to the industry, given those affected barely 32 hours’ notice of the new record-keeping requirements.

“SARTA has sought an urgent review of this Direction and an explanation of the basis for the distinction being made between the categories of Essential Travellers who are exempted from this record keeping requirement and those, including truck drivers, who aren’t exempted,” SARTA said in an online statement