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More free self-service weighbridges for heavy vehicles

March 16, 2017

Free self-service weighbridges have been installed on three of Australia’s busiest freight corridors in Victoria. Heavy vehicle drivers can now check that their loads comply with Chain of Responsibility (CoR) mass regulations and make any necessary adjustments to avoid penalties or potential damage to vehicles and roads.

The modified weighbridges on the Western Highway at Bungaree and Leigh Creek, Murray Valley Highway at Kerang and Sturt Highway at Merbein South – which carry more than 500,000 heavy vehicles per year – feature external digital displays.

The installation of the weighbridges allows heavy vehicle drivers to proactively check the weight of their loads for free – and help to avoid any CoR mass limit breaches that may result in costly penalties.

The new release expands the number of key freight routes with free self-service weighbridges after VicRoads introduced the first unit on the Hume Freeway at Broadford last year. The authority says it will continue to modify additional sites in the future.

VicRoads Heavy Vehicle Services Director Eric Henderson said drivers were encouraged to use the weighbridges to proactively check the weight of their vehicle and load.

“We know from working closely with the trucking industry that when carting an unfamiliar load it can be difficult to judge the new combined weight,” Mr Henderson said.

 Available 24-7

“We want operators to know that these sites are available for self-service checks when not being operated by VicRoads and Victoria Police officers,” Mr Henderson said.

“If a driver discovers they exceed mass limits during a self-check, then they can take steps immediately to fix any load discrepancy.”

Overloaded vehicles not only cause damage to roads but can also affect vehicle safety by causing excessive wear on brakes, steering and suspension components.

Under CoR laws, if your business is involved with transporting, consigning or loading heavy vehicles that exceed their legal mass limits, you can be held responsible for any damage or injury the load may cause. You can also be penalised for any infringements imposed by VicRoads or other road authorities.

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