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‘Make amends’ notices issued in SA police blitz

June 3, 2016

SA Police has released figures from the State’s Operation AUSTRANS, which ran throughout May, and elsewhere in the country. Disappointingly, of the 4,000 (approx.) vehicles intercepted on the roads, almost 14% (559) were found to have defects.

Operation AUSTRANS is aimed at ensuring heavy vehicles comply with safety standards and road rules.

In some instances, drivers were grounded to prevent further driving when found to have exceeded their working hours limit.

A total of 54 Expiation Notices were issued for load restraint breaches, of which more than half resulted in a chain of responsibility investigation with employers, consignors and or loading managers also receiving the ‘make amends’ notices for the offences.

Of the 559 vehicles found with defects, 158 had a major defect, of which 80 were brakes.

Inspector Ben Spencer, Investigations Manager, Traffic Support Branch, said: “It is important to acknowledge there are many responsible drivers and operators out there who are doing the right thing.”

But he added that drivers or operators who were involved in risk-taking behaviour would continue to be targeted by police, state-wide.

Operation AUSTRANS in South Australia in May detected:

  • 559 heavy vehicles with defects (158 deemed to be major, 80 with brake defects).
  • 157 work diary offences.
  • 70 traffic infringements issued to drivers or owners for permitting the use of a heavy vehicle that contravenes vehicle standards and/or Australian Design Rules.
  • 54 Expiation Notices were issued for load restraint issues.
  • 15 drivers exceeded their working hours or failed to take their minimum rest time; and in some instances were grounded to prevent further driving.

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