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Heavy vehicle chart to assist with compliance check

March 1, 2018

Another month, another Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport … or so it seems.

After Barnaby Joyce resigned his position, the new leader of the National Party and Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, has taken over the portfolio. We hope he gets quickly up to speed with the demands of the job and can deliver ongoing reform to heavy vehicle safety and productivity.

Anyway, onto the real subject of today’s CoR Bulletin

Knowing the weight limits, length and classes of heavy vehicles is an arduous task for many parties in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain, especially if the parties don’t operate any vehicles themselves.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) recognises this and has released a chart showing 39 common heavy vehicle combinations and all their details about weight limits, etc.

If you use heavy vehicles to transport goods in your supply chain, this chart can be used to check that other parties are compliant under Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) – just one of your Chain of Responsibility (CoR) duties.

The Common Heavy Freight Vehicle Combinations chart has been created to help operators understand some of the key conditions required to access the road network.

‘Better understanding’

It has been designed to be user-friendly in order to “contribute to a better understanding of our industry and will help everyone understand and comply with the national heavy vehicle regulations,” the NHVR says.

The chart categorises vehicle combinations into six groups: general access rigid trucks; general access semitrailer combinations; class 3 rigid truck and trailer combinations; class 2 B-double combinations; class 2 type 1 road trains; and class 2 type 2 road trains.

Regardless of where your company fits into the freight supply chain, this chart is a valuable tool that can be referred to easily to check that mass and dimension limits under the HVNL are not being breached.

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