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Extensions to help you ease back into 2016

January 15, 2016

’Tis the season for … extensions if you read the latest news to come from the NHVR, which seems to be all about extensions. But beware, different States are affected by different extensions.

So, in case you’re panicking after just getting back to work, the NHVR may have given you a bit more breathing space.

National Work Diary Exemption

In NSW, the current exemption for drivers to complete their work diaries for transport within 100km of their base (National Work Diary Exemption for 100km work under Basic Fatigue Management or Advanced Fatigue Management in New South Wales (Notice) 2014 (No. 1) has been extended to 6 March 2016.

It’s almost a month’s grace, as the original expiration date was 9 February 2016. The NHVR advises that no further extensions will apply after the new date.

From 7 March 2016, all drivers working under BFM and AFM must carry and complete a National Driver Work Diary, even when they are working within a 100km of their base.

The change means New South Wales now joins Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in their record-keeping obligations for BFM and AFM drivers. It is also consistent with recent changes to the national primary producers work diary exemption notice, which also requires BFM and AFM drivers to keep a work diary.

Under their CoR obligations, diaries allow schedulers and operators to better monitor BFM and AFM drivers’ work hours and manage potential fatigue.

In NSW, drivers who need to purchase a National Diver Work Diary can go to any RMS motor registry.

Log timber in Queensland

For companies involved in log timber transport in Queensland, the current permit arrangements and concessions for the timber industry that have been in place for several years, and which were due to expire on 7 February, have been extended for 12 months.

The NHVR says the extension to Class Permit 147-TH-14 Mass Exemption for the Transportation of Log Timber will allow a full review of a future log timber compliance scheme to be completed during 2016.

Keeping up with constant change

As you have read, it can be a constant battle keeping up with the changes, delays, trials, exemptions and extensions that can affect your CoR obligations. It can be hard enough keeping up with change if your business operates within one jurisdiction, let alone many.

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