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Austroads to use telematics for road planning

September 5, 2019

Road transport and traffic agency Austroads has commissioned Transport Certification Australia (TCA) to collect and analyse telematics data from a range of heavy vehicles, publishing the results of the research in a report titled Key Freight Routes – Heavy Vehicle Usage Data Project.

“Telematics systems can provide useful statistics to help road agencies make infrastructure spending decisions,” TCA Data Insights Manager Tim Renowden said.

“Telematics data can provide valuable information about vehicle movements across whole road networks, and in some cases the data provides more detailed road usage information than traditional traffic surveys.”

Austroads said the report provides aggregated, de-identified statistics for heavy vehicle road usage, travel speed, journey time and congestion information on 288 roads and 18 interstate corridors.

The project, which was conducted in 2016, involved more than 4,300 heavy vehicles and 1,000 transport operators, using data collected from rigid trucks, articulated combinations and special purpose vehicles.

“However, there are nearly 100,000 registered articulated trucks and 350,000 registered heavy trucks in Australia,” Mr Renowden said.

“Data from a wider sample of vehicles would give us more reliable road use estimates.”

The report recommends the development of broader freight vehicle telematics data collection in Australia.

This collected data could be used nationally, state- and territory-wide and locally to inform all levels of road policy and planning, Austroads said.

The report is available for download on the Austroads website.

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