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3 practical ways for drivers to manage the burden of CoR compliance

February 23, 2017

Road operators, in many respects, have primary obligations under the Chain of Responsibility (CoR). Most bulletin readers will be familiar with road operators’ CoR obligations, which include:

  • compliance with mass requirements;
  • compliance with dimension requirements;
  • heavy vehicle speeding; and
  • duties relating to fatigue.

Geoff Farnsworth, partner at Holding Redlich and Editor-in-Chief of the CoR Adviser monthly newsletter, provides three practical ways for drivers to manage the burden of CoR compliance.

1. Encourage feedback through a ‘no fault’ process

Ask your supply chain customers to establish a ‘no fault’ complaints or feedback process. This allows drivers, who feel that they are being subjected to undue pressure, to have an avenue to air their concern without fear of losing either their job, or the customer.

Encourage the use of a hotline that drivers can access, safe in the knowledge that their concerns will be respected and treated appropriately, even if their concerns are misplaced.

2. Document journeys

Another step may be the use of a ‘CoR compliance’ sign-off on job sheets or journey documentation. This would allow both the driver and the consignor to certify that they believe the operation will be CoR compliant.

This has several advantages:

  • it raises awareness of CoR obligations generally;
  • it provides some evidence in the event that any issues arise; and
  • it requires both parties to confirm CoR compliance, not just the driver.

3. Raise awareness

The third possible avenue would be for drivers and operators to work with relevant road transport industry associations to raise CoR compliance issues within the operator’s community.

Also, industry associations could provide operators with materials they could give to their customers to ensure they understand their CoR obligations when working with road operators.

Potentially, these three simple steps could raise the bar in relation to compliance and take some of the pressure off operators when they feel that they are being unfairly dealt with.

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